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The national poet of Bashkortostan, the classic of Bashkir and Tatar literature Mazhit Gafuri was born on July 20th (August 1st) 1880 in the village of Zilim-Karanovo of the Sterlitamak County of the Ufa province in the teacher's family.
He got primary education at his father, then - at school. His parents died very early, but Mazhit didn't drop out. From autumn of 1898 till spring of 1904 he studied in a medresse in Troitsk. In 1904 he went to Kazan to get education.
In the autumn of 1906 Gafuri arrived to Ufa to continue his education in the medresse "Gallia" and graduated it successfully in 1909.
During the Civil war the main subject of Mazhit Gafuri’s creativity is heroism.
The first poem "Shakirdam of ishan" was written in 1902.
His first book "Siberian Railroad, or provision of the Nation" was published in 1904.
The name of Mazhit Gafuri is given to the homeland where the poet was born. The culture and leisure park, collective farms, the Bashkir academic drama theater are named after him.
There is a house museum of Mazhit Gafuri on 28, Gogol Street in Ufa. Gafuri had lived there the last 11 years. The poet died on October 28, 1934.

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