Life and creative work of Rami Garipov
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Life and creative work of Rami Garipov

Rami Yagafarovich Garipov is a national poet of Bashkortostan. He was born on the 12th of February in 1932 in the village Arkaul Salavat region.
He graduated the school of seven years in his native village and then he studied in the secondary school №9 in Ufa. Nowadays this school bears the name of Rami Garipov. It is the Bashkir Republic gymnasium №1. Since 1950 to 1955 he was a student of Gorkiy Literary Institute. After graduation of the institute Rami Garipov worked in the editorial staff of the newspaper “The Union of Bashkortostan” («Совет Башкортостаны»), the journal “Agidel” («Агидель») and he worked as an editor of the fiction literature in the Bashkir publishing house. “Yuryuzan” («Юрюзань») (1954) is his first volume of poems. Such volumes as “The Stone Flower” («Каменный цветок») (1958), “A Song of a Skylark” («Песня жаворонка») (1964) are devoted to his motherland, nature and his compatriots. In addition R. Garipov is famous as a master of the artistic translation of Pushkin’s, Lermontov’s, Esenin’s, Block’s, Heine’s, Rudaki’s, O. Khayam’s, Gamzatov’s poetry.  Also some volumes of tales “Towards the Light” «К свету» (1959) written by I. Franco were translated into the Bashkir language. Our talented poet was exposed to pursuit because of his critical attitude towards the soviet national politics. Thus a lot of his poems left unpublished during his life. He was died on the 20th of February in 1977.
In 1992 (posthumously) Rami Garipov was awarded the title of the National Poet of Bashkortostan. He was posthumously conferred Salavat Yulaev’s Republic award (1988).
There is a museum and a bust of the poet in the village Arkaul Salavat region. The film about his life and creative work was made too.
 The Bashkir Republic gymnasium №1 in Ufa, the street in the village Arkaul bear his name. In November 1990 R. Garipov’s award was setted up and there is the street of his name in Ufa and in Meleuz. 

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