Life and creative work of Mustai Karim
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Life and creative work of Mustai Karim

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Mustai Karim (his real name is Mustafa Safich Karimov (1919 – 2005) – is a Bashkir national poet, writer and dramatist. He is a laureate of the governmental award by name of Salavat Yulaev (the hero of the Republic of Bashkortostan) (1967). Mustai Karim was born on October 20, 1919 in the village Klyash Chishminsky district.   
 In the middle of thirtieth (30th) Mustai Karim began his literary activity. In 1938 his first volume of poems “The detachment has made a start” («Отряд тронулся») was come out, and his second volume “Spring voices” («Весенние голоса») appeared in print in 1941.
In 1941 he graduated K. A. Timiryazev. Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute the faculty of the language and literature. In August 1942 he was seriously injured and sent to the hospitals where he was during six months. Upon his recovery he came back to the front line as a reporter of the following front newspapers “To honour of the motherland” («За честь родины»), “Soviet soldier” (Советский воин»). Mustai Karim published more than 100 poetic and prosaic volumes, more than 10 dramatic works and volumes of poems among which are “Black Waters” («Черные воды»), “Europe and Asia” («Европа – Азия»), “Times” («Времена»), also he wrote such plays as “The Country of Aigul” («Страна Айгуль»), “Abduction of a Girl” («Похищение девушки»), “In the Night of Lunar Eclipse” («В ночь лунного затмения»), “Keep the Fire Burning, Prometheus!” («Не бросай огонь, Прометей!»), such stories as“The Joy of Our House” («Радость нашего дома»), “Taganok” («Таганок»), “Long, Long Childhood” («Долгое-долгое детство») and the others. Mustai Karim’s compositions’ were translated into a great amount of languages in Russia and in the world too. In 1987 the Sverdlovsk studio made a film according to the play “In the Night of Lunar Eclipse”. In 2004 the story “Long, Long Childhood” was screened by the film studio “Bashkortostan”. Bulat Yusupov was a producer of the film.
The national poet Mustai Karim died in the 21st of September 2005. He was buried in the Moslim cemetery in Ufa.
Some facts in memory of Mustai Karim:
•    The National Youth Theatre of the Republic of Bashkortostan which is situated in Ufa and the street are called by his name;
•    The gymnasium №158  bears his name as well;
•    There is a memorial tablet in the building where Mustay Karim lived;
•    On October 10, 2013 the monument to our national poet Mustai Karim was established in front of the house of trade unions. The height of this monument is 6 meters while in the length it is 15 meters.

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