Life and creative work of Nuguman Musin
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Life and creative work of Nuguman Musin

Nuguman Musin is one of the leading prosaic writers in modern Bashkir literature. He graduated Sterlitamak Pedagogical Institute. And at first, he worked as a teacher and then as an inspector of public education. Since 1953 Nuguman Musin worked at the Republic Agency for the periodical press. He was in the Confederacy of Writers of the Republic of Bashkortostan. He worked at the publishing house “Kitap” («Китап») as well. Since 1953 he started writing for “Kitap”.
Nuguman Musin is the Honored Worker of culture of BASSR, a laureate of Salavat Yulaev Republic award; he has the title of “The National Poet of Bashkortostan”. Nuguman Musin is a passionate defender of nature and forest. In his essays, stories, narratives and novels he speaks about preservation and rational exploitation of this wealth. The theme of nature and the role of man within the nature penetrate the whole activity of Nuguman Musin (for instance, such narratives as “Zukhra” («Зухра»), “The Beauty of the Earth” («Краса Земли»),“Eternal Forest” («Вечный лес»). The writer’s works are remarkable for their dynamism, profound dramatic effect of the plot and psychological validity of characters’ behavior. He can extend an event – trigger act of his compositions as in its temporal relation so in its spatial connection too. Thus we can see well – turned excurses into past events in his novels along with his aspiration to find the link between the past and the present moment..

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