• image1 Творческое объединение "Артыш"
  • image2 Творческое объединение "Инзер"
  • image3 Творческое объединение "Чингизхан"
  • image4 Творческое объединение Сары Бия
  • image5 Творческое объединение Март




  Сreative association "March" appeared in  1989. Name of the union was made from the fusion of two words - modern art, what means “contemporary art”. Moreover, the name "March" is very symbolic. It is the first month of spring, and the notion of "pure art". 

There were nine artists in the union - feeling world in different ways, having their own points of view: Sergey Ignatenko, Sergei Krasnov, Ramil Latypov, Alexander Zhurkin and many others.

Young and talented artists said that they are supporters of art purified from falsehood and politics. They possess themselves as supporters of "pure art," their main tasks are to improve the art form and to create "just art" where the main thing  is a poetry of color, expressive lines and decorative compositions. According this idea pictures should be simple and elegant. Depicted events are not always identified by specific time, circumstances or actions, even if figures, characters and objects, are recognizable.

The art of the union was not only a kind of alternative to socialist realism, but also an alternative to variety of creative teams that made a bet on the national aspect. They do not focus on the national distinctiveness of images and events depicted.

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