• image1 Творческое объединение "Артыш"
  • image2 Творческое объединение "Инзер"
  • image3 Творческое объединение "Чингизхан"
  • image4 Творческое объединение Сары Бия
  • image5 Творческое объединение Март



"Artysh" is the symbol of eternity

"Artysh” is translated from the Bashkir as juniper, an evergreen symbol of purity, proud spirit, maturity and eternity. In works of this group we can hear the voice of the steppes, mountains, the sound of horses and hooves, ringing necklaces, sounds of kurai. 

This union appeared at the end of XX century. By this time several of creative groups as "March", "Inzer", "Genghis Khan", "Sari -biya" have already appeared. Each of them had its own program, its genre, stylistic, thematic orientation; each union has been seeking its own point of view. The main idea of "Artysh" is to reveal the national spirit. They are free from national chauvinism which was cultivated in those years. This means that anyone whose work consists of love for his native land - Bashkortostan, who examines and reinterprets the spiritual heritage of the Bashkir people.

 In “Artysh” there are such artists as honored artist of Russia Tamara Nechayeva, Valentina Kuznetsova, Honored Artist of Belarus Aleksei Kuznetsov (1927-1990). All of them connected their work with Bashkir history and culture: Tamara Nechaeva and Alexei Kuznetsov dealed with character of national hero Salavat Yulaev, Valentina Kuznetsova was fond of theme of the Bashkir village.
Today "Artysh" consists of 34 artists. Young artists work together with such masters of fine arts, as A.F. Lutfullin, E. Saitov, Z.G. Gayanov, R. Arslanov, L.F. Mugtobarov, R.S. Zaynetdinov, D.N. Ishemgulov, I.M.Yamaletdinov.In the union there is no suppression of authority or violations of the creative personality.The only thing in which all the members o f union are the same is a feeling of respect to outstanding artists of the republic and traditional Bashkir culture.

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