Khusain Faizullovich Akhmetov
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Khusain Faizullovich Akhmetov

SANY1102Khusain Faizullovich Akhmetov is a Bashkir composer. He is the national artist of the RSFSR, the honored art worker of RSFSR, the winner of the second Republican prize named after Salavat Yulaev. He was born in the village of Chingiz in Baimak district.
In 1932 he entered the Bashkir national Studio at the Moscow Conservatory.
Khusain Akhmetov wrote operas, a ballet, symphonies, choral and instrumental compositions, music for drama plays and films. He wrote more than 600 songs and romances, 12 vocal cycles on verses of Russian and Bashkir poets.
In 1946-1977 he was the artistic Director of the Bashkir Philharmonic society.
In 1948-1953  he was the Chairman of the Board of the composers ' Union of the Bashkir ASSR.
In 1976-1987 he was the Chairman of the choral society ' Union of the Bashkir ASSR.
In 1994 the museum named after Kh. Akhmetov was opened in the village of Chingizov in Baimak district.
In 2007 the Bashkir state Philharmonic society was named after Khusain Akhmetov.

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