Rafik Vafovich Salmanov
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Rafik Vafovich Salmanov

53da2151d9e70Rafik Vafovich Salmanov (1917-2003) is Bashkir composer, musical and public figure. He is a member of the Union of composers of the USSR. He is the honored worker of arts of RSFSR, the Bashkir SSR. He was born in the village Askarov, Abzelilovsky district.
In 1947 he became a student of the Bashkir Studio of the Moscow Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky.
Having completed his education, he returned to Ufa: he worked as music editor of the Bashkir radio, music consultant of the Republican House of folk arts and the head section Amateur composers. In 1961 Rafik Salmanov was admitted to the Union of composers of Bashkortostan.
R. Salmanov is one of the founders of the Bashkir professional music. He paid great attention to symphonic and instrumental music. Vocal and instrumental music for children occupied a special place in the composer's career. The most famous collections are "Sing, young friends", "I give the country flowers". His instrumental pieces for piano and accordion entered the repertoire of musical schools, colleges. Rafik Salmanov is music editor of over 50 anthologies of works by Bashkir composers of different genres

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