Nariman Gilyazetdinovich Sabitov
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Nariman Gilyazetdinovich Sabitov

4359889a49ae0c361eb467fc104638c0Nariman Gilyazetdinovich Sabitov (1925-1971) is the composer, the honored Art Worker of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, laureate of Republican Prize of Salavat Yulaev. He was born in Kazan. In 1944, Nariman Sabitov entered the Bashkir national studio of Moscow Conservatory by Tchaikovsky and graduated it in 1946. Then continued studying in the Conservatory at composition faculty. At the same time, he took courses of symphonic conducting.
In the 1953-1967 was the chief conductor of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre. At the same time as a composer, he led the concert and educational activities.
The composer has done a lot for the development and formation of the national ballet, symphonic chamber-instrumental and vocal music. There is "Mountain Eagle", "Gulnazira", "I love you, life", "Country of Aigul", the symphonic poems, suites, violin concerts, piano and orchestra,  preludes, variations, cantatas and works for choir of more than 200 songs and romances in his rich creative heritage. His opera for children "Beardless magician", ballet "Buratino", and «Murzilka- cosmonaut" and other instrumental pieces and choruses got a very popularity.
The name of Nariman Sabitov has Ufa children's music school №1. The Opened competition of musicians named after N. Sabitov  was established in Ufa in 1995.

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