Zagir Garipovich Ismagilov
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Zagir Garipovich Ismagilov

zagir ismagilov uvertura k opere salavat ulaevZagir Garipovich Ismagilov (1916/1917 – 2003) is the Bashkir composer, master, musical and public figure, academician of the Bashkir Academy of Sciences. He was born  in the village Vechne-Sermenevo of Beloretsk district.
In 1937, Ismagilov entered Bashkir studio by Tchaikovsky.
During the Great Patriotic War Zagir Garipovich worked in Ufa where he took part in concerts of frontline teams and wrote a lot of patriotic songs («Bashkir batyrs", "Song about heroes," "The Last Letter", "Shaymuratov General").
After graduating from the studio, he finishes the composition faculty of concervation. And in 1958 he became the chairman of the Union of Composers of BASSR, later he is the first Rector of the Ufa State Institute of Arts and runs for about thirty years.
Zagir Ismagilov made a great contribution into to the development of the national opera, chamber-vocal, choral and instrumental music. There is the opera "Salavat Yulaev, " The ambassadors of the Urals», "Kahym-Turea", "Akmulla", "Shaura", "Waves of Agidel". He participated in the creation of first Bashkir ballet «Song of the crane» (1944) with L.B. Stepanov.   He has written over 300 songs and romances. Creative activity of Ismagilov is the highest achievement of modern Bashkir musical art.

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