"I am getting married!"
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  • image2 Творческое объединение "Инзер"
  • image3 Творческое объединение "Чингизхан"
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"I am getting married!"

Written and directed by - Tansulpan Burakaeva

Operator - Ilsur Ishayev

Artist - Ruslan Magalimov

Composer - Ural Idelbaev

Director of the film - Zuhra Burakaeva

Producer - Aybulat Yunusov

Duration - 15 min.

Language - Bashkir; Russian subtitles

Year - 2013


Actors - Anwar Faizullin, Azamat Khalilov, Lily Iskuzhin, Zulmara Gabitova


The protagonist is the eligible groom, no girl from the neighborhood will refuse to become his chosen one. But it is not so easy to please him - from a critical glance of the young man will not escape any flaw of potential bride. Although it would seem he needed not so much – to have delicious food and his willing  was to to have two daughters- heirs.


And the responsible business –to  introduce to the boy the next female candidate taken by his uncle.


Participation in festivals and awards:

• Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, 2013, non-competition screenings under the heading "After the Soviet Union";

• Festival "ARTkino" in 2013, a member of the competition program;

• Student Film Festival "Piterkit" 2013 - the prize for artistic credibility and penetration;

• "Real heroes film festival" in 2013;

• "Russian Elementary cinema" in 2013, the prize for best feature film.

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