"Wind Catcher"
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"Wind Catcher"

Script writers - Aidar Akmanov Andrei Chernyshov

Director - Aysyuak Yumagulov

Art director - Pavel Panov, Farhat Ixanov

Composer - Ural Idelbaev

Director of Photography - Riyaz Iskhakov, Alexander Smirnov

Installation - Kirill Abramov

Director of the film - Lily Rizvanov

Duration - 92 min, 35 mm.

Language - Bashkir, Russian

Year - 2010

Actors - Maulitbay Gainetdinov Marat Bashar, Ilnur Ganiev, Hismatulla Davletov Alexander Federyaev

Romantic comedy. He comes from a distant village to town to fulfill the will of a dying old woman - to bring her grandson Ruslan. But the grandchild is a successful banker, whose career is more important than family values. Overcoming difficulties Akhmat manages to bring the old lady Ruslana, but just not quite in order, followed by riding ...

Participation in festivals and awards:

• VI Kazan International Muslim Film Festival (prize for "The best scenario")

• VII Festival of military-patriotic films to them. SF Bondarchuk "Volokolamsk abroad" Volokolamsk (Special Jury Prize "For the realization of the theme of human moral beauty")

• IX International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire", Khanty-Mansiysk (Audience Award "Silver Taiga")

• IV Cheboksary international festival dedicated to cinema of small nations ("People's Choice Award")

• XIII Eurasian TV Forum, Moscow (Diploma for "writing and directing talent in the comedy genre").

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