• image1 Творческое объединение "Артыш"
  • image2 Творческое объединение "Инзер"
  • image3 Творческое объединение "Чингизхан"
  • image4 Творческое объединение Сары Бия
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Script writers - Leonid Corin, Aynur Askarov

Director - Aynur Askarov

Director of Photography - Timur Ganeev

Art Director - Edward Bassareev

Sound producer - Yulai Tauylbaev

Installation - Alexander Snadin

Director of the film - Zuhra Burakaeva

Producer - Aybulat Yunusov

Duration - 23 min.

Language - Bashkir; Russian, English subtitles

Year - 2010


Actors - Galimyan Mambetov, Regina Taulbaeva, Idel Aralbaev, Ramil Hudaygulova, Zifa Bayazitova


Romantic comedy. The country club brought the Indian film "Disco Dancer". The boy Il'nur wants to get to the screening of the film, to see his idol.


Participation in festivals and awards:

• Student Film Festival "Piterkit", Russia, 2011 (Best Director, Best Cinematography) -

• Short film festival "PROvzglyad", Russia, 2011 (Special Prize of the founder of the company "Kinomir" of surging memories of childhood)

• Short film festival "PROvzglyad", Russia, 2011 (Special Prize of the TV channel "Country" "For a lot of love to the native land")

• International Film Festival "Land and People", Russia, 2011 (Best Performance by an Actor - Galimyan Mambetov)

• International Film Festival "Land and People", Russia, 2011 (Best Fiction Short Film)

• VII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, Russia, 2011 (Best Fiction Short Film)

• IV Annual Outdoor Festival "Apsny - Country Soul", Russia, 2011 (Best Film)

• International Youth Festival of short films and animations «METERS / Metro", Russia, 2011 (Best Feature Film)

• International Film Festival "ArtoDocs", Russia, 2011 (Grand Prix of the festival for the Best Feature Film)

• Festival of Young Cinema "Green Apple", Russia, 2011 (Diploma for an interesting director's work with children and creating authentic atmosphere of the time)

• 6 Its Me International Youth Film Festival, Armenia, 2011 (Award for Best Director)

• International Festival - Workshop film schools "Audition", Russia, 2011

• (Diploma of the Jury for the sincere attention to the world of childhood)

• Moscow Youth Festival "will live!", Russia, 2011 (Audience Award)

• XXI International Film Festival "Message to Man", Russia, 2011 (Prize memory Dani Gurevich)

• IV International Film Festival short film copyright "Svirsky Myth", Russia, 2012 (T wounds of the festival and the "Award for Best Actor")

• Rob Knox Film Festival, UK, in 2012 (Grand -When) -

• Timishort International Film Festival, Romania, 2012 (Audience Award)

• International Short Film Festival "Kharkov Lilac", Ukraine, 2012 (Prize from Mylene Demongeot)

• Short Film Festival "RUSSIAN FAMILY", Russia, 2012 (Audience Award, Special Jury Prize "colleagues from colleagues")

• I International Student Short Film Festival "StudCINEMAFest", Russia, 2012 (Grand Prix of the festival)

• 21 DIVERCINE Festival Internacional de Cine para Ninos y Jovenes, Uruguay, 2012 (prize for the best debut prize for a nostalgic portrait of a small town (small country)

• VIII International Festival of short films and animation OPEN CINEMA, Russia, 2012 (winner in the category "other shore")

• Film Festival Della Lessinia, Italy, in 2012 (Best children's film)

• KONIK Film-Festival, Russia, 2012 (Grand Prix Film Festival prize for best ensemble cast)


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