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Ahmad Lutfullin

Ahmad Fatkullovich Lutfullin  is honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, laureate of State Prize of Salavat Yulaev, Member of the Academy of Arts of Russia.

He was born in 1928 in the Trans-Ural village of Ishkulovo. When the war began he went to Magnitogorsk and enrolled to study at a vocational school.

After the war Ahmad Lutfullin studied in Leningrad School of Architecture and Art, Bashkir Theatre and Arts College and the State Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR. I n 1957 he had his first personal exhibition in Ufa. They were portraits, amazingly fresh and expressive on the perception of color - "The Bashkir Girl in the interior ", "Self-Portrait" "Portrait of a Mother", etc.

It should be  noted that Lutfullin is a national artist. He reveals deep roots of folk characters: hard work, kindness, austerity and restraint of the senses, concentration, integrity of character.

As a models for his works Lutfullin uses his  closest people: mother, father, fellow-villagers. He creates such canvases as: «Mother-Heroine Ishmurzina» (1960), «Golden Autumn» (1968). Over the years A.Lutfullin is constantly looking for new forms and visual techniques. 

Not giving up working with portraits, Lutfullin began to work on the genre thematic picture, seeking generality, the integrity of images.

With self-criticism and the insistence on the basis of the best traditions of world art, the artist was able to create his own style of painting, his philosophical and poetic quest. The popularity of A.F. Lutfullin is obvious: many of his works is stored in the vaults of the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), in Ufa, in other museums around the country and in private collections.

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