Ignatenko S.
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  • image3 Творческое объединение "Чингизхан"
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Ignatenko S.

Sergey Ignatenko

Artist Sergey Ignatenko belongs to a generation which saw all of tremendous changes in the country, and this atmosphere influenced his talent very much. Tension, conflict, dynamics can be recognized in his works. All paintings are united by a common idea. They can be called the spiritual essence of things, the measure of life. The artist brings the life experience to the first plan. Time disappears, and this let the viewer opportunity to see culture of the plaster casts of the remains of totalitarianism.

 Sergey Ignatenko was born in 1955 in Ufa. He graduated from Ufa State Institute of Arts. He took part in All-Russia, all-Union and international exhibitions (Australia, Poland, Algeria). The works of artist are well known and could be found in private collections in the Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and France.

Time... It is like the ocean, with its tides, shoals, and ship cemeteries. It seems to be good when the wind is fair, when its warm, but the main thing - to stay on the right course.

For some time artist's workshop used to be in a basement. There in the flickering light his first canvases were fulled of  his palette, so economical and so recognizable. He still believes that the asceticism of the color of his paintings - the legacy of the basement:
- When you work almost blindly, - says Sergey – you become prudent, you begin pay attention at very small things.

Ignatenko is a stranger to beauty, brilliance and show, he is a stranger to everything that distracts from the main idea. He does not allow himself to be articulate and impulsive: keeps emotions inside. Artist has its own relationship with Time and Space.

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