R.R. Latypov
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R.R. Latypov

Ramil Rashidovich Latypov

Artist Ramil Rashidovich Latypov was born in June 24, 1952 in Ufa - the capital of Bashkortostan. He started to draw since early childhood. His art education lasted for 5 years of art school and 4 years in Ufa College of Arts (Art and pedagogical department). Latypov graduated with honors in 1972. After serving in the Soviet Army he entered the painting department of the Ufa State Institute of Arts, from which also graduated with honors in I978. In 1974 he took part in his first art exhibitions. After that Latypov worked as chief designer of the national TV, he taught painting at the art-graphic faculty of teacher training college, worked as chief designer of the national arts fund. Moreover, Ramil Rashidovich is  a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, Honorary Member of the British Association of Fine Arts. He traveled around the all of our country and abroad and made three solo exhibitions in his homeland from 1979 to 1987.

In 1988 he took part at the international exhibition of small forms in the "Del Bello Gallery" in Toronto (Canada) in a series of graphic techniques.The works were purchased by a gallery with a permanent offer of cooperation. Latypov presented the same works of small forms at the international exhibition in Sapparo (Japan) in 1991.

Since 1989 Latypov has lived for several months in England (Mr. Retford, Nottinghamshire) and visited Spain and Scotland. His solo exhibitions which were held in the UK was very successful: His works were presented in Bawtry Pablic library (1989), Retford Bassetlaw Museum (1990), Pierrepont (Gallery in Thoresby Hall) (1992),Retford Bassetlaw Museum (1993),Sally Mitchel Gallery (1994).

Exhibitions accompanied by publications in the local press and  TV programmes. The newspaper "Daily Mirror" (1991 July), devoted its cover to the works of Latypov. The national railway company, "British Railways" for several years cooperated with the artist, ordering paintings of landscapes with the latest model of "Intercity".

Western culture has influenced Latypov`s outlook, constant travel gave him material for comprehension and creativity. Thus, in 1985. Ramil Latypov works well using unique prints and graphics with mixed technique.
R.Latypov is representative of figurative Art, but not genre painter. His favorite and constant object - a man in different circumstances and conditions. Long and strong school of realism, through which Ramil passed, allows him not to think about the technical side of work, and concentrate all the imagination on the philosophical, ethical and historical aspects of paintings and graphic works.

From February to August 1996 R.Latypov worked in the U.S. He did a cycle of paintings and graphic works and became acquainted with the people and the country, he always dreamed to visit.

As he says himself, urban infrastructure, variety and beauty of the landscape causing struck the artist, sociability and hospitality of the Americans helped him to live and work in the country. In 1998. Ramil visited England and  America again. He draw a number of portraits of friends, landscapes, and continued to work in his studio in Los Angeles.

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