Krasnov S.
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Krasnov S.

Sergei Krasnov 

The painter Sergei Krasnov in widely known for his exhibitions in France, USA, Italy, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Mongolia and Switzerland.

He was born on August 31, 1948 in Ufa. He started his education in the art department of Ufa Pedagogical College number 2. Begining 1978 and for three years he worked in the creative workshops of the USSR Academy of Arts, of Eugene Kibrik and Ornesta Vereyskiy.

Now he lives and works in Ufa. Krasnov is an active supervisor of the Bashkir Academy of Arts, chairman of the State Examination Commission of the Faculty of Design of the Ufa State Academy of Service.

He joined the Union of Artists of Russia in 1976.  In the same year he won the Komsomol award (1976, Moscow), and in 1977 became the winner of the Academy of Arts prize.  Here are another  number of his awards: Silver Medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements (exhibition devoted to 20th anniversary of the Soviet space program, 1981), winner of the Republican Komsomol Prize named after G.Salyam (1987), Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for works of recent years (2002), Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Arts(1997), Honored Artist of Belarus (1998).Moreover, Sergey Krasnov has the title Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan (2008). 

Since 1972 Sergei Krasnov actively engaged in developing and conducting his own exhibitions both at national and international levels.

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